House of Rabbits in “Carrut Munny” – A Kickstarter Crowdfunding Film

We’ve all seen the Kickstarter campaign videos where people sit in front of their cameras saying: “Hi, I’m making art and it costs money so can you please give me some?” With our video, we wanted to do something a little different than to just state the obvious. So we decided to make this little silent film we call Carrut Munny using what minimal resources we had (shot entirely on Ian’s iPhone 6!) and zero budget. We cut it all together and paired it up with a new House of Rabbits tune called “Lettuce Let Us” that we quickly wrote and recorded for this video. Asking for money is incredibly awkward and can feel, at times, like begging. That’s what we wanted to convey in this film. As a band, we all believe so strongly and passionately about the music we create but sometimes we just gotta ask for a little help. If you like the video, please share it with friends!

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